Intrusion & Fire Alarm Systems

Dallas Security Systems offers "Traditional" Intrusion Detection Systems to Residential Clients.

"Traditional" means that we send our sales consultant to your home to see exactly what is needed and you receive a detailed proposal of what the system will include. We don't offer "Free Package Systems" or lease them like the mass marketing companies do. All of our systems are sold to the homeowner. We also specialize in executive security.

These residential systems may also include smoke and heat detectors for a fire alarm package. We can also incorporate CCTV and intercoms in the system as well.

Fewer systems use land line telephone service for the transmission of alarm signals. The majority of the new systems that we now install and/or upgrade utilize cellular communication.

Our systems have the capability to control your alarm system from your cell phone via text commands and automatically receive status messages and alarms directly on your cell phone via email or text message. Each command received by your system can be acknowledged back to you via a return text message so you know that your command was received.

You can actually text your alarm panel and have it respond to you. You can turn the system on/off via text. Our system allows you to check the status to see if you remembered to turn it on. You can also disarm the system remotely in the event you need to let a repairman in.

We also offer Videofied video alarm systems that send in a short video clip with the alarm notification to the Central Station for immediate review. Videofied is a proven product for securing residential applications as well as remote sites, outdoor locations and roof tops. It can be part of the Intrusion detection system or it can standalone and operate independently. See the "Video Alarm Systems" tab on this website for more details.

We receive numerous calls from alarm customers that are not happy with their current security provider. If you are not happy with your current alarm company and you do not have contractual obligations to them, we welcome your inquiry. We have the ability to take over, service and monitor a wide variety of systems.

Dallas Security Systems installs, monitors and services a large number of control panels that include Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), Napco, DSC and Honeywell.