Fire/Life Safety Systems & 
Sprinkler System Installation

Dallas Security Systems, Inc. (DSS) is licensed to install and service residential fire alarm systems. When our clients are in need of commercial fire alarm systems, we refer them to DSS Fire, Inc. When our clients are in need of building sprinkler systems, we refer them to DSS Fireguard, Inc.

DSS Fire, Inc. and DSS Fireguard, Inc. are "sister" companies to Dallas Security Systems. The three companies have common ownership and they office in close proximity to one another.

DSS Fire is licensed in the State of Texas to do all types of fire alarm and life safety systems. They are an authorized dealer for Edwards System Technologies (EST). They can service and monitor a wide variety of other systems as well. DSS Fireguard, Inc. is licensed in the State of Texas to design, sell, install and service fire sprinkler systems.

DSS works closely with both companies on a number of common projects. Our sales representatives often "team up" with DSS Fire and DSS Fireguard sales representatives to offer customers a complete security and fire system package.

DSS has years of experience in compliance with fire codes as they relate to security systems. We take great care to see that all of our access system locking devices are properly installed so that they will release upon activation of the fire alarm system or loss of AC power to the building.