Intercom/Emergency Phones

Dallas Security Systems, Inc. (DSS) considers intercom systems and emergency telephone systems an integral part of an overall security package. We often integrate intercom systems with intrusion detection, access control, parking control and CCTV Systems.

We install residential intercom and door entry systems to provide simple communication between rooms and outside entry areas. For small to large homes, a system can be designed to meet virtually any communication need. These systems may include a video monitor in the master intercom and are used for office entry in commercial applications.

For multi-family or multi-tenant applications, we install telephone entry systems. These may have a handset or they may be “hands-free”. Visitors contact the desired tenant by entering a simple directory code and the resident/tenant then grants or denies access.

For college and corporate campuses, hospitals, parking facilities and shopping centers, we install highly visible emergency communication devices. These units are vandal resistant and high profile so that when activated they call a security center and activate a vivid strobe light at the unit. These systems form a favorable perception that the institution has taken an active stance on protecting them as they walk about the campus or facility.

DSS regularly integrates an intercom/entry system at parking gates. You will find these systems at a number of garage entries throughout the Metroplex.