Video Alarm Systems

Dallas Security Systems, Inc. (DSS) offers video alarm systems for both residential and commercial applications.

DSS is an authorized dealer for Videofied systems. These systems are a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to the Central Station for immediate review. Central Station operators can notify police or security that an actual burglary is taking place.

Motion activates the Videofied viewer(s) when the system is armed and sends a ten second video of what tripped the sensor to the Central Station and on to the site manager or property owner. These systems are equally suited for outdoor detection as well as interior residential and commercial applications. These viewers can be used anywhere security is needed, either as an upgrade to an existing alarm system or standalone.

The most common applications for Videofied include copper theft, vacant buildings, rooftop air conditioners, construction sites and oil field assets, just to name a few.

These systems are totally wireless and can operate outdoors on batteries for up to two years. They can be remotely armed and have night illumination out to 30 feet.