Mission Statement

Dallas Security Systems, Inc. (DSS) designs, installs and services high quality security systems for homes and businesses. The company’s mission is to provide a range of flexible, state-of-the-art security products and services that serve the wide range of security clients from homeowners to security directors for multi-site international applications.

DSS is dedicated to designing residential systems that provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing that their family and possessions are safe and secure.

DSS is dedicated to designing commercial systems that help security and facility directors handle the increasing complexity of security networks, derive beneficial information from their security systems and deliver unique security solutions.

We strive to focus these designed systems so that false alarm prevention and device compatibility are the main theme. To do this, we design the system with the following:

  • System to system integrated compatibility
  • Low system maintenance requirements
  • User friendly systems ready to operate
  • Equipment that can be replaced or repaired within hours instead of days or weeks
  • Service technicians that are factory trained
  • On-going training in the equipment we install and service
  • The vast majority of installation done with our own employees